Recent Visitors To The Park

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The following are some lovely comments from recent visitors to Bonane Heritage Park:

12.04.17, Anderson Family U.K.: A lovely trip, very much enjoyed the visit! ❤️
06.14.17. Familie Noffa: Beautiful park, lovely girl on the bill very friendly 🙂 very nice park ❤️lovely services!
17.04.17. Jana, Brigit Weisch, Germany: Fantastic heritage site. A brilliant insight into how the early settlers lived. Thank you!
18.04.17. Maria and Nikolay, Bulgaria: Vibrating with positive energy!
19.04.17. Mick Kelly, Irish: Lovely place, easy to follow the map a lot of information, and Andy was lovely. Thank you
21.04.17. Edward, Sean, Richard. Irish: Magical place, Nice and long, a good place for a picnic, Great walk, would love come back again, thank you.
22.04.17. Emily, Dominic, Irish: Fantastically magical&existental, beautiful beautiful…
01.05.17 Aoife Casey Irish: Enjoyed seeing some well explain historical monuments. Very RECOMMENDED!
02.05.17 Julian and Christianne Dutch NL: Beautiful and peaceful. Truly Ireland at its best, thank you Ireland and the Mister who invited us in on a bike!!!

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